About RedPro

Welcome to RedPro (Pty) Ltd. 

We are a specialist design, prototyping and test company in the fields of Mechatronic and IoT systems with a special interest and focus on the Personal Mobility sector, i.e. 1, 2 or 4 person transportation solutions.

Where it started…

When Gerhard Claassen founded the company, RedPro (Pty) Ltd, in 2008 the dream was to be part of the ever growing need for technological advancement.

With a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and registered as a Professional Engineer at the Engineering Council of South Africa (member of the Washington Accord) and over 25 years’ research, engineering, design and management experience, he took the first leap into what would soon change his own life-long dream into a reality. 

Corporate Governance

RedPro follows the King IV principals for its Corporate Governance,  The strategic decision to go this route was taken early in 2019 to reinforce RedPro' s vision to become a global company.  Implementation thereof started shortly thereafter and we are pleased to announce that RedPro now has the following governance structure in place:

Board of directors consists of the following members:

  • Chairperson:  male, non-executive and independent with +- 25 years of executive and board experience in the ICT sector.
  • Vice-Chairperson: male, non-executive and independent with +-20 years of senior and general management experience in the Infrastructure sector.
  • Board member 1: female, non-executive and independent with +-20 years experience in accounting and auditing
  • Board member 2: RedPro executive (CFO) - Casper van der Merwe with +-20 years banking and investment experience 
  • Board member 3: RedPro executive (CEO) - Daniel G Claassen with +- 25 years research, engineering, design and management experience


  • Audit and Treasury Committee
  • Risk and Compliance Committee
  • Social and Ethics Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Remuneration Committee
  • Advisory committee