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Mechatronics and IoT

About us

When Gerhard Claassen established the company, RedPro (Pty) Ltd, in 2008 the dream was to help advance the ever growing need for technological advancement – not only in South Africa, but across the Africa content and, in fact, globally across the world.

With a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and Pr. Eng. from the Engineering Council of South Africa (member of the Washington Accord) and over 25 years’ research, engineering, design and management experience, he took the first leap into what would soon change his own life-long dream into a reality. 

When he first helped design the test model of an elevated transportation system, in co-operation with Futran, this patented design went on to win the runner-up award at an international design competition held in Sweden in 2015.

Big or small the motto of RedPro has soon vested itself as an product research and design business where dreams become a reality... and RedPro’s track record is testimony to that.

Its most recent partnership with Emid (part of the EOH group of businesses) has ensured further expansion of its engineering capabilities – now also incorporating IoT (Internet of Things) and 3DP (3D printing) as part of its core focus.  This partnership has also ensured that RedPro can offer level 1 BEE compliance. 

“Enabling upliftment and growth of previously disadvantaged communities through affordable, yet effective engineering solutions remains one of the key corner stones that drives my business”, says Gerhard. We want to make a difference – be it locally or internationally – and actions speak louder than words, that’s why we don’t just dream, but design end-to-end solutions for our clients that work.